God Bless America


God Bless America

Crossed sabers US Cavalry
1st cav div


jungle expert award worn on right front pocket
Crossed Cannons US Army Artillery
one of the Guns-A-Go-Go ships

Hey, Folks; Poppajohn waxing nostalgic again. Got a little story for ya, back when the 1st Cav. was Airmobile, we used to have a unit of Chinooks, CH-47 choppers that's cargo helicopters to most of you, (we actually called them hooks but that's another story) that were outfitted with all manner of armament, just as much as could possibly be stuffed in them. An automatic grenade launcher and all the rockets, mini guns, cannons and machine guns the things could carry and it was quite a load. Well we called these things SMOKY and I'm not even sure anymore if the acronym I remember is right or what it stood for but it sure fit, I think they akshly called themselves Guns-a-go-go but what does a grunt know. When they showed up at a fight they would absolutely plow the enemy ground and I'm here to tell ya the fight was over quick. After a few encounters like this, Charlie would pretty much break off the fight and melt away after they heard the sound of the approaching gun ships (the CH-47 made a pretty distinctive noise and they normally did'nt approach a fire fight that was happening unless they were SMOKYs). Now that is what you call respect or in the NFL hearin the footsteps. Seems like wherever the 1st Cav. went we did a lot of business early but then the local VC or NVA would learn that if they engaged us more firepower than they could handle would show up and ruin their whole day so they kind of left for other parts.

Stun Master 775 stun gun And somehow all this makes me think of the Stun Master 775,000 volt stun gun cuz Just the sound of this thing will scare most attackers away. If they are dumb enough to persist or even foolish enough to actually attack you a three to five second jolt (or a few forty MM Cannon rounds) will leave them on the ground in the fetal or even prenatal position. The electrodes on this beauty are wide and will trace a big circuit through your would be muggers' muscle tissue and that's guaranteed to fill his veins with lactic acid in short order.

Poppajohn has an old customer who is also a friend and used the Stun Master 775,000 volt stun gun against a burglar. This fellows name is Ed, I sent him a big time Stun Master, he lived in Orange, CA. but moved to Houston. Managing one of the trendiest nightclubs in town, he got to spend his evenings rubbing elbows with rock stars, actors, and many of the city's elite (believe it or not Houston has a great social scene). His boss converted an old warehouse into a fantasy world for their guests. One Saturday night, Ed couldn't wait to get home. It felt like he'd spent the whole night breaking up arguments and kicking drunken guys out of the club. He was tired as he marched up the walk to his apartment and some thing was funny, then he saw the door was open. As he went inside he reached for his SM775 and just held it next to him under his coat. In the living room was a very large and well built fellow removing his stereo from its table. As for what happened next I can only repeat what I was told by Ed. He said "I was ready to just let him have the stuff and told him to just take it and go (Ed's an old guy like me) but he (the thief) laughed at me, then I thought okay man". As he was carrying out the stereo Ed gave him the works with his stun gun up under an arm. The big dude tried to hold on to the stereo and swung at Ed as best he could which by then wasn't very good. He grabbed hold of Ed and they wrestled awhile (as the creepo is still gettin zapped) they both went down in a heap, the thief stayed down. As the crook fell he dropped the stereo and closed his arm on Ed's 775 and wrenched it away from him pulling out the wrist strap (rendering it inert). It somehow landed on the other side of him and under the stereo doing a number on the 775 (I replaced it for him) but it's job had been done, the big bad soon to be inmate was curled up on the floor and waited silently until the cops arrived. And what I wanted to know was just how big was this guy, Eds' arms went wide.

As George Washington said "a free people should be at all times armed".

So be armed, aware and have a plan. Poppajohn (de old fo)

Protect yourself from attackers at close range
with the same powerful Stun Master 775000 volt stun gun that Ed used.


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stun master 775,000 volt stun gun
de old effo says the image is smaller than actual size, think big

*De old effo says be leery of stun guns with huge voltage claims of over 700,000 volts that only use 2 or 3 batteries. Do you really think those stun guns have the power they say they do? Poppajohn doesn't and is here to tell ya thisun packs a hell of a wallop

Stun Master 775,000 Volts
Powerful and Intimidating

Disable Pin: The disable pin is attached to the end of the wrist strap to prevent your local mook thug from taking the stun gun away (Poppajohn thinks that mooks' ability to actually do this is very overstated) and turning the tables on you. The wrist strap is worn around your wrist and plugs into the bottom of the stun gun. If you lose the stun gun the disable pin will pull out, preventing the stun gun from working. 8.75" tall, 2.75" wide.

• Life-Time Warranty
• Disable pin
• Safety wrist strap
• Safety on/off switch
• Rugged, heavy-duty design
• Uses four Energizer 9-volt batteries

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stun gun holster
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