God Bless America

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God Bless America

Crossed sabers U.S. Army Cavalry
1st Cav. Div. U.S. Army


Jungle Expert Award worn on right front pocket
Crossed Cannons  US Army artillery

175mm guns RVN dunno zackly where or when Hey folks, Poppajohn here, De Old Effo Thinks these things are great and heres why. Not only do they provide a better range weapon they also combine gun with pepper and those two just seem to go together. Okay heres the real reason. 8in_LZ_Schueller_1971 Way back when Poppajohn was still a young stud F.O. in the RVN. We had Artillery outfits that were I believe eight inch SP (sorry that's self propelled) M-110 Howitzer units they fired a 200-pound projectile out to almost 17 kilometers (16,800-meters). Now this is a pretty good deal but they were not content with that range and addressed the need for more by changing the 8 inch barrels out for 175MM gun barrels when needed. The 175-mm. gun fired a 174-pound projectile almost 33 kilometers. Now this was good distance! And definitely filled that longer range niche that was needed.
The MACE PEPPER SPRAY GUN fills a vacant long range (up to 25 ') niche for non-lethal self protection Mace Dragon Fire Pepper Gun devices, the TASER® C2™ and TASER® X26C™ Mace Pepper Gun have a max range of fifteen feet for their major canawupas and you only get one shot, then what you're left with is a stun gun which to use you must close with your assailant.Now don't misunderstand me a stun gun is a whole bunch better than nothin but it's not as good as a weapon that you can engage your enemy with at long range. The Mace Pepper Gun Hot Pepper Spray is way cool cuz it'l fire it's package akikbut twenty five feet. Now that is morn twice as far as any conventional pepper spray cuz it uses a much better delivery system utilizing patented Bag-in-a-Can Technology. This new system allows the pepper spray to shoot like a garden hose, continuously from any angle even when The Mace Pepper Spray Gun is upside down. Shoots seven blasts up to 25 feet, that's 10 feet further than a Taser® Device , maybe a Pepper Ball Gun is next. Practice with water refills!! Comes complete ready to go!! A gun and pepper spray, yup De Old Effo likes it. A long range mook zapper thats easy and a real kick to use!

Locally here divorced dads seem to be goin nuts. I guess divorce will do that to ya but damn.Mace Dragon Fire Pepper Spray Pepper Gun Three of em lately just up and kill their ex wives during a meeting to pick up or bring back their children, knives seem to be the preferred weapon. It occurs to me that all three ex wives could still be alive if they had been carrying personal protection in almost any form. The Mace Pepper Spray Gun. It’s new, it's easy to use very effective and gives a girl a great method to keep that peeood nutjob a good twenty feet away from you.

Sorry, no regular Pepper Spray orders to New York, Massachusetts or out of the USA

But if You Live in New York, Wisconsin or Michigan and Want to Buy Pepper Spray Legally?

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Here's a flash for you, WE CAN NOW SHIP BEAR AND DOG SPRAY TO

always carry personal protection, be aware and have a plan! Mace Pepper Gun Break open
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Trigger Activated LED Light
Allows for better aim
Temporarily disorients intruder

Mace Pepper Gun comes with: Pepper Gun dispenser, One 28 gram OC cartridge, One Water test cartridge and Batteries (for the LED light)

Available in 4 Colors! Suggested Retail $89.95
80401 - Blue/Black
Blue/Black Mace Pepper Gun
80402 - Sky Blue
Blue Mace Pepper Gun
80403 - Silver
Silver Mace Pepper Gun
80404 - Pink
Pink Mace Pepper Gun

80105 - Nylon Holster - $15.99
nylon holster
80106 - Leather Holster - $26.99
leather holster

H2O Refills Dual Pack
Mace Pepper Gun Water refills dual pack
$13.95 each

OC Refills Dual Pack
mace pepper gun dual OC refills
$21.95 each

10% OC Refill/H2O Refill Dual Pack
mace pepper gun dual refills pak
$15.95 each

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