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At one time Poppajohn depended on Wildfire, now it's Fox Labs!

God Bless America

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Fox Labs pepper spray

is the hottest pepper spray used by Police and Military Worldwide now available to the public. Most pepper sprays are between 1/2 million and 2 million Scoville heat units; however Fox Labs pepper spray is refined to 5.3 million Scoville heat units. That's like the difference in heat between paper burning and a blue-hot flame. Because of its unique formulation it does not blister the skin.

*FOX LABS does not use tiny nozzle openings that reduce the amount of formula discharged per burst. Other companies do this so they can make claims about more bursts per unit for reasons of marketing – to make their products sound better to those who don’t stop and think about what this actually means. The reality is that 2, 4 or any number of ounces is the same volume regardless of whose canister it is in, so the only way to get more bursts from a canister is to reduce how much formula is being discharged per burst. FOX LABS’ units discharge as much of their famous formula as possible per burst to make sure you have an opportunity to stop the assailant/s as quickly as possible.

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Fox Labs 2 and 4-ounce. Spring-Loaded Flip Top Units available in Heavy Stream and Medium Cone–Fog Spray Patterns.

Fast becoming the unit of choice, because the safety flip top prevents accidental discharge.
We now sell more of these than all other tops combined! Simply put your finger or thumb under the top, it rises easily with a spring and you then depress the button for a powerful blast.


# 2-oz., 4”H x 1 3/8” Dia.; approx 18 ½ sec. bursts*
# 4-oz., 5 ¾” H x 1 ½” Dia.; approx 32-36 ½ sec. bursts*
Heavy Stream Pattern goes 17 - 20 feet. Cone Fog Pattern goes 15 - 18 feet

2 OZ. Flip Top Stream A
2 OZ. Flip Top Stream (cone fog) B
$19.99 each
4 OZ. Flip Top Stream C
4 OZ. Flip Top Stream (cone fog) D
$26.99 each

2 Oz and 6 Oz. lock on Extraction Grenades
Fox Labs 2 and 6-ounce Hand held units designed for tossing. "Lock-On" style for continuous discharge of contents. Ideal for control and disbursement of crowds or for securing of a confined area. In-stock in 2 and 6-ounce styles. # Simply depress the “Pop-top” as you are tossing the unit and the contents immediately start to discharge.

These items are single use, set it, toss it and go,
2oz. and 6oz. Pepper Spray extraction grenades.
2 OZ. Lock On Grenade F
$17.99 each
6 OZ. Lock On Grenade G
$29.99 each

16Oz. Pistol Grip $57.99 each

1 lb Crowd & Riot Control

These units combine strong visual deterrent qualities with high-powered cone or stream emissions to 20 + feet. Take quick control of an individual or a crowd. Ideal for terminating most any situation! Because of the high volume discharged per burst with these units, particularly if used within a confined space, the person/persons exposed should be removed to fresh air as soon as possible after compliance.


Fox Labs
The leader in aerosol defense aftercare
since 1995!

Working on closed eyes, the patented formula in Sudecon® works faster and more consistently to clean up individuals exposed to OC, CS and CN than any other decontamination product ever formulated! It strips the chemical agents from the skin instantly, and takes away the burn, allowing the eyes to open, in just 7 to 15 minutes or less!

Really! Nothing in the world works like SUDECON®!

Sudecon Decontaminating Towelette $3.99 each


Fox Labs
Finger loop makes for easy carry and discharge, keeping the unit in proper firing position. Wide mouth nozzle is the same one used on our one-pound riot control units. When you fire this puppy accuracy isn’t a question at all— it empties in less than 4-seconds, engulfing the attacker in a dense cloud of our famous FIVE POINT THREE formula!

Fox Labs Fox Labs

Currently a stock item on 3-ounce units with 2% OC formulas. Can be custom ordered on 2 and 4-oz units with minimum orders of 32 units.

# Specifications: 3-oz., 5¼”H x 1 3/8” Dia. X 2 5/8” wide Finger Loop Top; approx 8 ½ sec. bursts*

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